The Patient Participation Group Survery 2013.

The Patient Participation Group and Practice Survey.

In 2013 we undertook a practice survey questionnaire that was constructed with the Patiient Participation Group Members and members of the practice staff and a GP partner. We collated the information over 2 months in the summer of 2013, we had 104 respondents.

We wanted to understand if patients felt there were getting a good service and we were particularly interested in booking appointments and views about the service offered by the clinicians.

The quesions were as follows:

1. Can you always see the GP of your choice? 
2. Do you feel you are well informed in terms of the appointment system? 
3. Does the GP address your concerns and meet your expectations? 
4. Does the Nurse address your concerns and meet your expectations? 
5.Are you satisfied with the service you recieve from this surgery? 
6. Are you aware it takes 48 hours to order a repeat prescription? 
7. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

We were very pleased with the results which were as follows:

1. 78 said yes they could always see their GP of choice, 24 said no. 
2. 96 said they were well informed about the appointment booking system, only 6 said no they were not. 2 did not answer. 
3.98 said the GP adresses their concerns and meets their expectations. 4 said they did not, 2 had not seen a GP. 
4. 85 said the Nurse addresses their concerns and meets their expectations, this is 100% of everyone who saw a nurse, 19 had not seen a nurse. 
5.100 were satisfied with the service they recieved, 2 were not 2 did not answer. 
6. 99 are aware that it takes 48 hours to order a repeat prescription. 
7. There were some very positive comments including:

"An excellent service where I am more than happy to see any of the doctors here. Always feel well cared for and the doctors are extremely thorough."

"It is the best doctors surgery in Liverpool. Always had the best of attention from receptionists and doctors."

"Very happy with everything, doctors and staff A1"

"Great service, Love my doctor"

"Staff always very helpful, polite and sensitive to my needs and that of my family"

"I never have a problem getting an appointment"

As a result of the survey and the comments and suggestions that were made these are the actions we are taking.

1. We endeavour to ensure all patients are aware they can book an appointment in advance, however it is not possible to ensure this will be the next day as this removes the ability to book appointments on the day for people who are sick. Telephone consultations are available at the end of every surgery for everyone and may be useful for people who are working. We also ensure there are early morning appointments available and evening appointments for those who are working and who cannot get in at regular times for surgery.

2.We do have a website but clearly need to make this known to patients, when we have access to some notice boards in this building we will be able to make this clear to patients. We can also add information to the TV screens in the waiting area. We are also in the process of organising the facility for patients to book apppointments online and also for the ordering of repeat prescriptions. We hope to have this up and running early in 2015 at the latest.

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